75 North Beach Road
  North Beach WA 6020
  PH: 9447 1249
  Fax: 9447 0072

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Applications for Kindy places in 2015 are now being taken
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North Beach Primary School and Community promotes care and respect for others, our environment and ourselves.
We encourage honesty, courtesy and responsibility in school life.
The school values the unique qualities of each child, challenging all students to strive for personal excellence through perseverance, goal setting and reflection.

North Beach Primary School is located in the suburb of North Beach and serves a coastal strip including the suburb of Trigg. The school is nestled between large playing fields to the south and Star Swamp Reserve to the north. The school also has its own area of bushland adjoining Star Swamp and uses this in its teaching programs. It runs a plant nursery and senior classes are involved in planting seedlings grown in other districts.

The school has three specialist teachers with approximately 340 children from Kindergarten to Year 7. Within the eight Learning Areas, French is taught to children from Years 2 to 7. A music specialist offers a general music program to all classes and a physical education specialist also provides a stimulating learning program. Children can have further music experience by either joining the choir or a group of children learning the guitar. As well, through the Department of Education and Training's Instrumental Music Program, clarinet, cello and violin are taught to selected children.

A variety of sports are played and there is an emphasis on participation with daily fitness activities. A Dance program for Years 5 to 7 and a leadership program for Year 6 and 7 students provides the opportunity for senior students to develop their leadership skills. The staff have focussed on teaching values and virtues.



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